Music Directory 1


  • British Choirs – Links to all known British (and some Irish) choirs, with Web or e-mail addresses.
  • Cornish Choirs – List of all known Cornish choirs.
  • – Concert diary and links for choirs in the United Kingdom.
  • Hear the Choirs Sing – Sites that play choral music clips in various formats.
  • Musica International Database of choral music repertoire – Project of the International Federation for Choral Music. 83,000 titles comprehensively described. Also: Favourite piece of the month, anniversaries of composers, submit of score, and mailing list.
  • Vocal Area Network – Directory of vocal ensemble music in the New York City area. Choir directory, concert calendar, and links.



  • Animals Within Animals – Electronic band that is loose collective of members with open membership. Site included studio and live MP3s.
  • E.S.P – Dutch band recording reggae-dubs and soundscapes.
  • Fauntleroy – Alternative rock trio from Huntington Beach, California.
  • Firehammer, Mark – Original songs, lyrics, tour schedule, photos and road notes from the Caffeine Tour.
  • Hielan Jam Productions – Features unsigned new bands Blue Gum Ears and Chris Henderson music.
  • IntoMusic – Offers downloads from established and new artists for payment. Includes profile, FAQ, subscription plans, gift vouchers and artists areas.
  • John King Basement Tapes and Four-track Creations – Free and legal basement “tapes” by former Spent and Humidifier songwriter (MP3s and lyrics).
  • – Internet based record label and multimedia site featuring alternative artists, MP3 downloads, live event streaming, radio show, real audio, real video, and online store.
  • Toxygen – 6 ambient and trance compositions in MP3 format.


  • Classic Television Theme Songs and Images – Large collection of themes with their accompanying show logos.
  • Classic Themes – Title, composer and publisher information for thousands of classic American TV themes, old-time radio themes and 1950’s light music compositions.
  • Matt’s TV Theme Songs – Theme tunes in Midi format.
  • Network News Music – Nicely put together site with Real Audio themes to US network newscasts and news magazines. It also features information on each.
  • Television Tunes – A US oriented site with themes in MP3 format sorted alphabetically.