BT PHONE & BROADBANDThe last day of a 12 months fixed term contract over which the transferror had no control brought a punitive £55 extra charge for the 'equipment'. Fools every one! Be warned this is not a company to be trusted unless you read the very very very small print!
SCOTTISH POWERWhen the offer you are being made by them says it's a 'Fixed Price' 12 month term and they support it with a fair reduction in your monthly payments, it does NOT MEAN "we are reducing your cost to £X for 12 months". It means we will fix the price WE PAY for energy we supply (sic) you with at the current rate WE PAY for twelve months but YOU WILL BE CHARGED WHATEVER for your consumption".This is duplicitous and WRONG. Don't bother doing business with companies like this. They are skimming the wind with the truth. Fair enough if what they mean is what they offer but this is not the case.
ENERGY OMBUDSMANNot worth the paper they are written on. It's simply a State placebo - a simple device to placate a corrupt system. They appear to offer a service but it's not worth a penny. You have to commit to enormous time and effort and even if you win out, you get little reward. Toothless, worthless, waste of space so don't waste your time. The best answer is to withdraw your custom from the transgressor
FIRST DIRECT BANKAfter 40 years as a married couple holding an account with this bank for nearly all that time, this lot demanded 'with menaces' that the person who set up the account should prove her existence. Despite winning their case with the Financial Ombudsman, the lady of the marriage is still under 'restrictive banking' access. What a joke!If they can't say they know their customer by now, they never will. Don't bank with First Direct unless you are willing to be treated as a minion to big brother weaponry.
EEIf you are fearful of 5G and especially its need for the erection of the most hideous boxes and poles, don't buy from this outfitThey are in the forefront of hell!